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The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” Psalm 16:6 (NIV)


At some point in all of our lives  we will  face obstacles, temptations and detours  that threaten to push us off course. We may  question “why on earth was I created, where is my life headed, how will I know that I have arrived at my place of destiny that God has intended for my life?”

I am honored to share this  “personal yet universal “message of hope with those seeking answers to life’s questions that confront us all. 

“Crossing Your Jordan In Faith-Stop Wading, Stop Walking” provides a rodmap for anyone desiring to live a victorious and purposeful life. It is a refreshing reminder of the faith instructions we must follow on our journey to  God’s  divine destiny, from start to finish. You will be challenged to walk in a renewed spiritual confidence of an assured victory; act, plan, think, and talk like it’s going to happen

“Crossing Your Jordan In Faith-Stop Wading, Start Walking” is a testimony of believers  ability to walk in a renewed strength and faith  in the midst of life’s detours.   The message was  birthed somewhere along my life journey of victoriously overcoming childhood  poverty and emotional trauma,  tenaciously moving forward  in the midst of  life’s messiness  enroute to my destined place of promise  being fully arrayed  in the armor of faith .

“Join Author Sheila L. Mills and walk in a renewed spiritual confidence of an assured victorious life in Christ.  My sisters and brothers- let’s get started, walk, run, jump, fly, swim, or float if you have to, but move in your faith rhythm for God’s intended purpose for your life.”

Are you still standing there? Get moving, keep going, you are almost there. Let’s Cross Over Together!



Crossing Your Jordan in Faith

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“FAITH IT – Facing All Issues Though Hope  In Tomorrow” Tip

“If we are not careful (e.g. fearful, unbelieving, impatient), we may settle for less than what God has intended for us –  Crossing Your Jordan In Faith”